Seven weeks to go!

 Seven weeks from today it will be May 9th, a date I am looking forward to eagerly, even while it scares me stiff. Because May 9th 2014 sees the release of my first Regency Romance, “The Bankrupt Viscount”.

The story of Will, Viscount Hadlow and his neighbour, Ella Forbes-Smythe, this book is the first of a series of stories about the residents of Crompton Hadlow. I’ve very much enjoyed writing them, not least because I love the Regency period, a time when things were very different from today, but also, in many ways, a time when life was similar to our own time. It was a time of innovation, of massive shifts in the way of the world, of an exciting new order threatening to overwhelm the old ways. 

I’ve loved getting to know the characters in “The Bankrupt Viscount” as they battle their ways through the difficulties in their paths. I even managed to fall IN love with my hero, Will. I’m hoping the readers will do so, too.

There is a 20% discount on pre-orders from Museitup Publishing. You can find out about this, as well as details of the book at:





About Caitlyn Callery

I have been a writer all my life. As well as Regency Romances, which I write as Caitlyn Callery, I also write stage plays, sketches and screenplays under the name Hilary Mackelden. I also have a weekly column in the Kent and Sussex Courier, and do publicity and PR for the charity, World In Need. I live in Sussex and love, (in alphabetical order) Ashdown Forest, my family, Jesus, reading and the sea.
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5 Responses to Seven weeks to go!

  1. carolynrae1 says:

    Crompton Hollow sounds interesting. You must be really talented to write so many plays. I bet you’re excited about your book being released so soon. Mine won’t be until fall.
    Carolyn Rae, Romancing the Gold from MuseItUp.

    • Caitlyn Callery says:

      Thank you! I am so excited, it’s untrue. It’s been my dream to write romance novels since… well, forever. Although I also love writing plays and will continue with them as well. So, no, there isn’t enough time in my day to do the washing up, but hey.

      Good luck with your book. What is it?

      • Caitlyn Callery says:

        By which I mean, is it contemporary or historical, suspense or not, etc?

      • carolynrae1 says:

        My book, Romancing the Gold is a tale of smuggling artifacts in Peru, a jungle trek, and a hero, Megan has always admired. Enjoy your ride to publication. Carolyn Rae Author.

  2. Caitlyn Callery says:

    Sounds good. I’ll look out for it.

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